It's a Partnership

Spectrum supports your business by making it easier to drive revenue and retention with market-leading products and services.

Spectrum is a partner you can trust. We are committed to helping you navigate the ever-evolving payments landscape. We support you by providing the latest integrated technology, tools and resources to strengthen your product portfolio and highlight your value in the market so you can deliver payment solutions. Our mission is to ensure a secure and simple payments experience from end-to-end, which will differentiate your value from the rest.


Independent Software Vendors

We work with you to understand your market, customers, and business strategy to deliver a customer-first payments experience tailored to your unique industry. We deliver software capabilities helping you attract new customers and advance your vendor reputation.

Value Added Resellers

We work with you to understand your market and portfolio to deliver a customer-first and industry-relevant payments experience tailored to your unique consumer base. From pre-sales to post-sales, we deliver support helping you attract new customers and accelerate sales to grow your business.


Independent Sales Organizations

We are a true partnership you can trust to support your business growth and transformation aligned with your strategic goals. We are committed to providing a differentiated partner experience you can rely on to succeed.

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Spectrum’s Partner Program delivers what you need to attract new business