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E-Cig Merchant Accounts

Merchant Accounts for the Electronic Cigarette Industry

Electronic Cigarette Merchant Accounts

For the finest e-cig or vapor credit card processing services, your search ends here at Spectrum Payment Solutions. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions, ranging from payment gateways tailored for ejuice companies to cutting-edge Point of Sale systems designed specifically for vape shops.

As the leading provider of electronic cigarette merchant accounts, Spectrum Payment Solutions has set the industry standard. Spectrum Payment Solutions proudly holds the distinction of being the first company ever to approve an e-cig merchant account, reflecting our belief in treating your business with the same importance as any other.

The classification of e-cigarettes has caused confusion, leading banks and institutions to hesitate in opening merchant accounts for vapor and ecig companies. Despite the fact that e-cigarettes are not technically cigarettes or tobacco, payment processors remain cautious. Traditional banks refrain from approving merchant accounts for e-cig businesses due to the lack of clear legal clarification. This is where Spectrum Payment Solutions steps in to fill the gap. We offer the most competitive e-cigarette merchant account rates in the industry, boasting an outstanding approval rate that is nearly perfect.

Whether we are helping you with products approval, removing transaction limits, removing monthly volume caps, removing holds or reserves on funding, we can help you save 10% - 20% of your fees and most reliable program for you.

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