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Virtual Check Cashing

When using Virtual Check, debits may be a one-time charge or set up an approved ACH debit as automatic billing. The check’s information is entered electronically using the virtual terminal, removing the need of traveling to the bank to deposit checks.

Check Cashing

Experience the convenience of Virtual Check, where debits can be processed as either one-time charges or set up as approved ACH debits for automatic billing. Say goodbye to the hassle of physically traveling to the bank to deposit checks, as our virtual terminal allows you to enter check information electronically. With Virtual Check from Spectrum Payment Solutions, managing your check transactions becomes effortless. Whether you need to process a single payment or establish recurring billing, our flexible options cater to your specific needs. By leveraging the power of ACH debits, you can streamline your payment processes and enhance efficiency.

Gone are the days of waiting in line at the bank. With our virtual terminal, you can securely enter check information from the comfort of your own device. This digital transformation not only saves you valuable time but also eliminates the risk of misplaced or lost checks.

At Spectrum Payment Solutions, we prioritize your convenience and provide innovative solutions to simplify your payment processing. Embrace the benefits of Virtual Check today and enjoy the seamless, efficient, and secure way to handle your check transactions. Contact us now to learn more about how we can optimize your payment processing experience.

Why Virtual Check Processing?

Fast Deposits

No Installation Required

24-Hour Online Reporting

Low Costs

Recurring Billing

Saves Time

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